This is kind of wide question, I found many information about this topic.

Possible technologies

Neither of these does currently have a fully-implemented peer-to-peer library, or I haven't found such.
In fact I'm not interested in any kind of gaming library (and I don't target such issues)

Questions I'd considered

I'd like to efficiently communicate between as many devices as possible, without need of using mobile data (3G,HS*PA,LTE) or WIFI AP as intermediate point.
And not connecting people over large distances, really just like a PAN over Bluetooth.

Thus, what features I'd require to have

  • Totally OFFLINE (not requiring any mobile data services or wifi AP)
  • Cross-platform compatibility (Android, iOS)
  • Mobile OS backwards compatibility (Android since 2.3, iOS since 5.1.1)

Features I'd like to have

  • Route optimization (OSPF, MME, ...)
  • Not requiring devices to authorize to network (see Android insecure BT RFCOMM)
  • Possible wrapping up-to tens of users (20-30 max imo, or more if possible)
  • If needed, network could possibly choose its own leader (server node) ?

Is there currently anything I could use for mentioned features?

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    Bluetooth has a limitation of upto 7 devices. have you considered using Alljoyn which is available in iOS and android, bluetooth is not supported in iOS and in later releases of Andorid but they are working on Wi-FI direct.. check this link, check the developers forumhere, hope it will help you – ashish Jul 7 '13 at 5:54
  • Did you find good enought solution? – Maxim Korobov Dec 28 '13 at 9:32
  • For IOS, there's the massive limitation of needing to exit the app and go into settings to choose which WiFi network you are connected to. Otherwise I'd for some sort of WiFi network being served through a single device. On Android of course this is not a problem. I'm working on something similar and I'm going the Bluetooth route for lack of a better alternative on IOS. – nflacco Dec 29 '13 at 20:33
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    Hi Marek, I wonder if you have found a solution for this? – Out Of Office Apr 27 '16 at 12:46
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    did you find any solution for this ... cross platform app communication – KavyaKavita May 25 '17 at 5:01

I know google just came out with a cross platform api for ios and android devices to communicate with each other. I don't know what you're exactly looking for but this one lets you pass small binary payloads between Android and IOS devices. they don't have to be on the same network at all either or connected to the internet. I'll include the link just check it out.


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    Nearby Messages does require internet connectivity. You're probably talking about Nearby Connections which is totally offline but not cross-platform. – Jamol Dec 26 '17 at 10:39

Open Garden is developing this sort of technology and implement it in their app, Firechat. Testing the app, we found that Android-to-Android connections worked only over Bluetooth, iPhone-to-iPhone worked with bluetooth or wifi, and Android-to-iPhone only works if the phones are connected to the same network. Here's a link to their sdk which should be out soonish: https://opengarden.com/sdk

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    From their website they still aren't publicly available yet. – ThomasW Jan 22 '15 at 6:26

I'd look into WebRTC datachannels which has native support for both iOS and android. You can also include desktop browsers as peers with WebRTC.


Currently only OpenGarden's FireChat is one of the only major players doing this. They do provide a mesh-kit sdk which currently I think you need to Apply for.

There is another project which has been kinda of shakey, but I heard was suppose to have a release coming really soon: The Thali Project

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