If there is any chance to upload files via grunt.js but using VPN connection? can't run VPN connection all the time, so process should look like this:

  1. connect to VPN, (PPTP)
  2. connect to server via SSH, upload all assets,
  3. disconnect from SSH,
  4. disconnect from VPN

I was trying to find any VPN related grunt.js tasks, but couldn't find anything. all boxes are mac os/linux based, so the only way which i can see is to have simple wrapper script to connect manually to VPN, run grunt task and disconnect.

any better solutions?


I don't think you will find any grunt-tasks that cover that. Grunt is a Task-Runner, just like make, rake, ant, whatever. The difference is that Grunt is specifically designed for building javascript-applications. Thats what the grunt-tasks are for - you just have to configure them in your gruntfile. No more telling the System what to do, just how to do it.

Your Problem has nothing to do with building or compiling a javascript application. Thats why I do not believe there is (or even should be) a task that suits your needs.

As a solution I suggest using a CI like Jenkins, for example. Jenkins would fetch our project, test it (using grunt), build it (using grunt) and than deploy it (using VPN / SSH). Thats what Jenkins is for (although I do not know if Jenkins can create a VPN-Tunnel, but that is a different question).

  • current setup is with jenkins, so it's already there. the problem is that I can't have persistent VPN connection. Sending files via SSH is a "task" - connection to VPN it's similar type of task - from my point of view... anyway... will work on simple bash scripts to solve it. – Slav Jul 8 '13 at 3:22

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