I have a jquery datepicker on the site, the calendar is always visible. My problem is I cannot seem to select 'today'. Well, I can, but it doesn't change its highlight as the other days do, it always keeps its 'today-look' and this is pretty confusing.

  1. Is there some built-in way how to highlight today when selected (as the other elements are)? <- preferred
  2. Is there a way to easily hide today's highlight with js?

Thank you!


You can override the jquery ui css.Try this jsfiddle

/*selected date */
 color:red !important;
/*todays date*/
   border:none !important;    
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  • Thanks for you answer. How could I apply the same style as for the 'default' selected state? Do I have to do it manually all? – Fygo Jul 8 '13 at 17:48
  • 1
    try this: jsfiddle.net/abhMH/2 – Stano Jul 9 '13 at 20:48

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