There are plenty of nice little web-servers written in Rebol 2, but Rebol 3 has a different networking model, and I'm looking for a web-server that works with that.

I'm not looking for anything fancy. It's just to run on an embedded board to let me control Insteon appliances around my house using Rebol 3 -- which is just a lot easier and cleaner than other methods.

Please don't reply with non-Rebol based web-servers. I'm not interested in using those.


Here is a simple web server created by Andreas Bolka (@earl)


It is HTTP 1.0 and has no SSL or other fancy features, and amazingly it is only 64 lines of code hence is ideal for an embedded server.

  • Update from @earl - I published a few updates to my minimalist "shttpd" HTTP server implementation for Rebol 3. Most notably, a workaround was added to properly send reponses >32'000 bytes (thanks to Bo and Boleslav). The full list of changes: Add a few select MIME types Switch default MIME type to application/octet-stream Use last "."-separated path component as extension Trim indentation from the error template Send content-length header Manually send body data in 32'000 byte chunks github.com/earl/rebol3/blob/master/scripts/shttpd.r – johnk Jul 31 '14 at 1:12

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