I am working on a jquermobile template (only one HTML page with 10 DIVs as data-role=page) and I have a scenario where I have one button which when clicked should perform two activities at the same time -

  1. Refresh the forms (that means.. reset the form fields)
  2. Navigate to home screen

For this I am doing two things -

  1. An onClick function that calls location.reload() - to refresh the page
  2. For the same button, added an anchor tag referring to a screen (which is a DIV tag in jquerymobile template).

The problem here is, only the location.reload() works and the anchor tag fails to navigate to the given link (e.g. a href="index.html/#myDiv" - this doesn't do anything)

Can anyone suggest me an approach or provide me a working example for the above scenario, in which both the functionalities work for the same button?

  • a does not work when you set PreventDefault=true or stopPropation().. or return=false; – Spirals Whirls Jul 8 '13 at 10:49
  • It would easier with some code... – Jonathan Naguin Jul 8 '13 at 10:52

You can use the following In the script <script> function clickEvent(){ refresh(); navigate to home(); } </script>

in html <input type="button" value="Dont show this again! " onClick="clickEvent();" />


The reason is when you do a reload it lost the track and never redirect you, so you can manually clean the entries and then reload to other page

  • First clear all the values
  • then navigate away to other page

these both step will be perform sequentially

  function SomeName()
      document.getElementById('elementid').value = "";

Hope it helps

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