I use python portable along with sublime portable of a memory stick and decided to install sublime REPL however when trying to use python portable as the build path for sublimerepl it does not specify it.

To put it simply I can't specify the sublimerepl python path like I can with straight sublime text!

I have tried adding the following into SublimeREPL.sublime-settings

"default_extend_env": {"PATH": "{PATH}:C:\\Users\\Andy\\Documents\\_Main\\M-Stick Backups\\08.07.13\\Computing\\Python Portable\\Portable Python\\App\\python.exe"},

I have also tried changing:

"cmd": ["python", "-i", "-u"],


"cmd": ["C:\\Users\\Andy\\Documents\\_Main\\M-Stick Backups\\08.07.13\\Computing\\Python Portable\\Portable Python\\App\\python.exe", "-u", "$file"],

within Python/Main.sublime-menu

Note in normal sublime I add the following to Python.sublime-build:

{"cmd": ["C:\\Users\\Andy\\Documents\\_Main\\M-Stick Backups\\08.07.13\\Computing\\Python Portable\\Portable Python\\App\\python.exe", "-u", "$file"],"file_regex": "^[ ]*Iile \"(...*?)\", line ([0-9]*)","selector": "source.python"}

Any ideas?

Thanks, Andrew


Is it possible you're changing the wrong line of code in /Packages/SublimeREPL/config/Python/Main.sublime-menu? If you wish to run REPL on the current file,

{"command": "repl_open",
 "caption": "Python - RUN current file",
 "id": "repl_python_run",
 "mnemonic": "d",
 "args": {
    "type": "subprocess",
    "encoding": "utf8",
    "cmd": ["C:\\Users\\Andy\\Documents\\_Main\\M-Stick Backups\\08.07.13\\Computing\\Python Portable\\Portable Python\\App\\python.exe", "-u", "$file_basename"],
    "cwd": "$file_path",
    "syntax": "Packages/Python/Python.tmLanguage",
    "external_id": "python",
    "extend_env": {"PYTHONIOENCODING": "utf-8"}

is what the modified section should look like. (It appears you might be modifying the command which opens the interpreter in interactive mode as opposed to running the current file).

  • Thanks for the response, but I'm using the Eval in repl >> block command, do you know where I can edit that command? – Andrew Leedham Jul 10 '13 at 16:35
  • nevermind got it working :D thank you for your help – Andrew Leedham Jul 10 '13 at 16:51

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