I recently tried the Style Editor of CloudMade (http://maps.cloudmade.com/editor). While I know how to change the color/ line style/ border of roads/ railways, but I couldn't find a way how to change the icons of specific building like hospitals/ schools/ places of worship.

Basically, I'd like to know how Life is Magic/Life is Crime, as mentioned in their case studies (http://cloudmade.com/case-studies), can change those places with their custom icons. Could it be they actually proccess them from raw data?

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You can't do it by yourself as it is not free of charge. For more information, please write to support@cloudmade.com.

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Red Robot Labs (RRL), the developer of Life is Magic and Life is Crime were able to change icons of specific buildings because they contracted CloudMade's cartographers to develop a custom style for them.

Some changes to the map style - like icons - require human oversight and guidance and are not supported by CloudMade's Style Editor tool. The cartography services that CloudMade offers are available to any developer - get in touch with their support team for more details.

RRL did not custom render the maps themselves.

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