I am trying to implement a custom Test Adapter, all the files are bellow:


vstest.console.exe /listdiscoverers /usevsixextensions:true

I confirmed that the extension is installed and it is listed on the test discoverers.


vstest.console.exe file.ts

I confirmed that both TSTestDiscoverer and TSTestExecutor are working correctly.

Now I want to list the tests on Test Explorer, for that I guess I need ITestContainer and ITestContainerDiscoverer. I tried to implement both, but something is not working, the Test Explorer does not show any tests...

What did I do wrong? How can I find out what is not working?

  • Implementing the interfaces and having the Export doesn't work for me. I have File.WriteAllText calls to check that any of the code is hit but it doesn't happen. I don't know why.
    – Sellorio
    Jul 30, 2019 at 1:07

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I forgot to add an attribute on the class that implements ITestContainerDiscoverer.


Now it is working.

  • 1
    Where on earth is the documentation for this kind of stuff? I saw a few samples, but just samples, isn't there a documentation for this?
    – BrunoLM
    Jul 9, 2013 at 21:21

I have found the blog post here http://blogs.msdn.com/b/mathew_aniyan/archive/2012/05/17/content-index-for-unit-test.aspx as very useful. It contains links to most of the MS stuff on unit testing, including the extension building. It also seems to be updated.

The post by the Chutzpah creator, Matthew Manela, is also very useful http://matthewmanela.com/blog/anatomy-of-the-chutzpah-test-adapter-for-vs-2012-rc/

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