I want to keep the select_tag(:multiple => true) options to be selected which were selected by user once search is performed

<%= select_tag 'values[]', method_for_options_for_select, :class => 'some-class', :multiple => true, :size => 6 %>

Suppose a user select 4 values from the select tag then for values should be selected, How can we pass this 4 values to the select_tag?

I tried using :selected => params['values[]'] but this doesnt works for multiple true

Any help will be appreciated


Ref this and options_for_select

Something like following

<%= select_tag 'values[]', 
options_for_select(@stores.map {|s| [s.store_name, s.store_id]}, 
@user.stores.map {|j| j.store_id}),
:class => 'some-class', :multiple => true, :size => 6 %>
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    If you are getting params['values'] as an array on page replace @user.stores.map {|j| j.store_id} with params['values'] – Salil Jul 9 '13 at 10:44
  • options_for_select(query, params['values']) worked, thanks – user2406618 Jul 9 '13 at 10:52

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