I am developing an Android application and in this application, I am using "In app billing" features.

I uploaded apk on the google console account and set the product id, price and other required things and saved all the data in the draft.(Application is still in draft mode). I did not publish my app yet.

After a few minutes, I realized that I uploaded old signed apk file and keystore of this apk has already lost.

Now I want to remove this old apk file and want to upload a new one in draft mode.

My problems are :

  1. How to remove the old apk file from the google console account.(In Draft Mode)
  2. How to upload the new signed apk file with new key store (As I have lost my old key store)


I want to publish the app with the same name and with same package name. I do not want to change my app name atleast.


This can now be done by going to Release management > Artifact library and deleting the APK.


You cannot delete the artifacts anymore.

Here's a part of my chat with Pete through the built-in help & support.

Pete: Thanks for waiting. You can't remove an apk that you've already served. Your next Production apk has to be version code 3 or higher.

Me: So I can't just delete the artifact of that build?

Pete: That's correct.

(P.S. He mentioned version code 3 because of my specific issue)

You can try KOTIOS's answer.


Delete the aab / apk file from the Google Play Console on the App Bundle Explorer under Release Tab

enter image description here

Then select the apk/aab file you want to delete from the List

enter image description here


Quoting Can we still remove never-published apps from Google Play?:

Well, the answer is that the strategy still works. If you've never published the app, you can remove all traces of it from Google Play and another publisher account can then upload an app with the same package name. All you need to do is deactivate (if necessary) and then delete all .apk files and the app will disappear from your developer console.

If the app was ever published, this will not work. You can unpublish an app, but you cannot delete any .apk files that were ever active while the app was published. (This behavior is undocumented as far as I can find.) This is unfortunate; it would be nice to be able to completely remove all traces of an app that was never downloaded by anyone. Even better would be a sandbox area that emulated all aspects of Google Play, including buying your own app (and would support doing it through the emulator).

I also discovered that the delays involved in propagating changes to all Google Play servers seems worse than it did a year ago with Android Market. In one case, when testing license responses I had to wait two hours after uploading (but not publishing) an app before the response came back as anything from "NOT_MARKET_MANAGED".

  • Hello, I am facing a problem,I published application and by mistake i uploaded old apk and I have also lost my old keystore file. So console is not accepting new apk with new keystore. Now whether i should unpublish app,and can i publish app again with same name and package or not. What better i could do..?
    – Dory
    Sep 12 '13 at 5:34
  • nope if u want the apk to upload in new version then u need to upload apk with previous keystore only
    – KOTIOS
    Sep 12 '13 at 5:51

You can do this by upload new apk with upper version and the old Apk will deactivated automaticly

enter image description here

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