One of the changes made by Ben Noordhius in Node v0.10.0 was to "honor UV_THREADPOOL_SIZE environment variable" in Unix. The "threadpool.c" source file seems to do just that.

If I don't set this env variable, I can verify that I am limited to a threadpool of 4 threads, which is the default size of the threadpool.

But I set this environment variable on my Linux server to 64 and then restart Node, but I still seem to be limited, seemingly to a threadpool of size of 5?!

Does this make any sense to anyone? Thanks!


It seems that you must set it the var with node command or from inside the node program. Execute it like:


or modify from program :

//then execute some function that requires threadpool

Testing threads:

ps -Lef | grep  "\<node\>" | wc -l
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  • I only see 6 threads when I add UV_THREADPOOL_SIZE to process.env. Do you need to readFile to see it? – 4m1r Aug 12 '15 at 22:06
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    Putting export UV_THREADPOOL_SIZE=64 in your .bashrc or equivalent will also apply it to any node process started under that shell. – DuBistKomisch Jul 7 '16 at 4:49

If you're running a Windows OS and running via a .js file you'll need to set the UV_THREADPOOL_SIZE prior to calling the script via node.

Example: SET UV_THREADPOOL_SIZE = 2 && node my-file-to-run.js

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  • i think it needs to remove spaces around '=', so it should be SET UV_THREADPOOL_SIZE=2 && node my-file-to-run.js – alkas Aug 11 '19 at 10:06

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