is F11 key disabled in -kiosk mode in Google chrome? I am developing a web application, not chrome extension but my target browser is only Google Chrome. After developing 90% of the app, just now I got stuck in this issue, i.e. if I run Chrome in -kiosk mode, I get nothing for F11 keydown!!!!

I read the same observation here as well.



I am answering the question myself, because perhaps the stage is not clear; I'm talking about running chrome in kiosk mode, not normal mode. Anyway keydown event is absorbed by chrome, however keyup can still be captured in this situation. I hope that this helps someone if they encounter the same challenge.


Isn’t there any way of changing hockeys in chrome? assign to full screen mode other key and use it.


I am not sure about the key, but can you just not use the fullScreen API? document.body.webkitRequestFullScreen should take the user full screen on any keyboard or mouse interaction (that you choose).


Alt + F4 exits the -kiosk mode..

  • The reason for my answer was to show you how to exit the kiosk mode since f11 does not work. – Yohn Sep 3 '14 at 15:38

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