I am trying to write a regex to get the last name of a person.

var name = "My Name";
var regExp = new RegExp("\s[a-z]||[A-Z]*");
var lastName =  regExp(name); 

If I understand correctly \s should find the white space between My and Name, [a-z]||[A-Z] would get the next letter, then * would get the rest. I would appreciate a tip if anyone could help out.


You can use the following regex:

var name = "John Smith";
var regExp = new RegExp("(?:\\s)([a-z]+)", "gi"); // "i" is for case insensitive
var lastName = regExp.exec(name)[1];
Logger.log(lastName); // Smith

But, from your requirements, it is simpler to just use .split():

var name = "John Smith";
var lastName = name.split(" ")[1];
Logger.log(lastName); // Smith

Or .substring() (useful if there are more than one "last names"):

var name = "John Smith Smith";
var lastName = name.substring(name.indexOf(" ")+1, name.length); 
Logger.log(lastName); // Smith Smith
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  • Thanks for the alternatives. Very helpful. Just a quick question about the regex. If I understand it right: () brackets mean evaluate this first ?: means don't record into the regex \s is white space What is the purpose of the extra "\" ? – user1682683 Jul 10 '13 at 15:25
  • 4
    The () in ([a-z]+) is actually for grouping. It allows us to use that matched part again later. (?:) (the () are mandatory here) means the opposite, do not include this group, thus just use the () as regular (), useful for applying operators to multiple expressions (like in (\s\w)+, (\s\w) would be a group. In (?:\s\w)+ it is not.). The extra \ is necessary because your regex was declared using the RegExp constructor, and it gets a string as parameter. Thus the need for escaping \ as \\ . Let me know if it is clear! – acdcjunior Jul 10 '13 at 16:21

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