I am working on a project wherein I have to extract data from a website & store in acess. I am able to read data from a website & store it in html doc but now I want to parse the html doc & store in access. The following are the contents of the html file,

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>NCEDC_Search_Results</TITLE></HEAD><BODY>Your search parameters are:

Date       Time             Lat       Lon  Depth   Mag Magt  Nst Gap  Clo  RMS  SRC   Event ID
2002/01/10 00:44:51.53  40.4415 -126.0167  25.37  3.92   Md   56 269  147 0.29 NCSN   21208454 
2002/01/12 04:41:46.93  36.7690 -121.4812   7.74  3.06   Md   54  35    5 0.09 NCSN   21208721 


I want the contents between <pre></pre> tag. The column names are as given in the above html docs.

How can I achieve this using Html Agility Pack in C#? i tried this code, bt how do i proceed further?

string txt=null;
        HtmlDocument doc = new HtmlDocument();
        HtmlNode node = doc.DocumentNode;
        HtmlNodeCollection pre = node.SelectNodes("//pre"); 
        //var prenodes = doc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//pre");
        if (pre != null)




You are using the wrong method to load the HTML file, that's why the following SelectNodes XPath query doesn't work.

doc.LoadHtml(string html) is expecting a string containing the full HTML document, not a path to the document file.

Try this instead:


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