How can start 2 or more Azure VM (IaaS) Instances at a same time via their control panel ? Thank you.

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  • Instance of what? VM? Cloud Service? Web Site? Mobile Service? – CSharpRocks Jul 10 '13 at 18:07
  • VM. I can not see any option to set how many instances to create. Just 1 by 1. – Ddo Jul 10 '13 at 18:10

You can't explicitly do that with IaaS (i.e. Windows Azure VM). You can only do this with PaaS (i.e. Cloud Service - WebRole, WorkerRole or Web Sites).

Azure VM, part of Infrastructure services does not provide this functionality out of the box. You have to manage VM creation/start/stop and VM deletion, and content synchronization on your own. This is the drawback of using Infrastructure Services.

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