I am really getting mad, I searched through jquery ui doc and stackoverflow's questions (tons of questions) but I cannot figure out how to manually activate tabs ( .tabs() ) in jquery 1.10+ .

I founded and tried this solution :

$(mytabs).tabs("option", "active", index);

but it does not seem to work out. Can someone help me to know how to activate a tab , e.g. when I create a new one?

I can't figure out how jQuery UI has no longer the select event that , as I could know, accomplished this goal.

I'm creating new tabs with this function :

var addTab = function() {
  var tabTemplate = "<li><a href='#tabs-1'>non titolato</a></li>";
  var li = $.parseHTML(tabTemplate);

I would like to activate the last one that was created.


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Use the following to activate the last tab.

$("#stepBuilder").tabs({ active: -1 });

I've created an example for you on jsfiddle.net.

The API doc says about the activate option:


Type: Boolean or Integer Default: 0

Which panel is currently open.

Multiple types supported:

Boolean: Setting active to false will collapse all panels. This requires the collapsible option to be true.

Integer: The zero-based index of the panel that is active (open). A negative value selects panels going backward from the last panel.

  • It is working, nice. I am trying to find a way to activate different tabs depending on query. How I can do it? In your example, I can bind this action only on onClick event. How to activate tab on load? Thank you. +1 Apr 9, 2014 at 12:20

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