When using the .NET WebBrowser control how do you open a link in a new window using the the same session (ie.. do not start a new ASP.NET session on the server), or how do you capture the new window event to open the URL in the same WebBrowser control?


I just spent an hour looking for the answer, so I though I would post the results here. You can use the SHDocVwCtl.WebBrowser_V1 object to capture the NewWindow event.

NOTE: Code from http://www.experts-exchange.com/Programming/Languages/Visual_Basic/Q_21484555.html#discussion

//-------------------------------VB.NET Version:-------------------------------

Dim WithEvents Web_V1 As SHDocVwCtl.WebBrowser_V1

Private Sub Form_Load()
    Set Web_V1 = WebBrowser1.Object
End Sub

Private Sub Web_V1_NewWindow(ByVal URL As String, ByVal Flags As Long, ByVal TargetFrameName As String, PostData As Variant, ByVal Headers As String, Processed As Boolean)
    Processed = True
    WebBrowser1.Navigate URL
End Sub

//-------------------------------C# Version-------------------------------

private SHDocVw.WebBrowser_V1 Web_V1; //Interface to expose ActiveX methods

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    //Setup Web_V1 interface and register event handler
    Web_V1 = (SHDocVw.WebBrowser_V1)this.webBrowser1.ActiveXInstance;
    Web_V1.NewWindow += new SHDocVw.DWebBrowserEvents_NewWindowEventHandler(Web_V1_NewWindow);

private void Web_V1_NewWindow(string URL, int Flags, string TargetFrameName, ref object PostData,string Headers, ref bool Processed)
    Processed = true; //Stop event from being processed

    //Code to open in same window

    //Code to open in new window instead of same window
    //Form1 Popup = new Form1();
  • In what assembly is SHDocVw defined? I can't find it in mshtml.dll at least. – Asbjørn Ulsberg Mar 26 '10 at 9:18
  • 4
    I think it is located at %WINDIR%\system32\shdocvw.dll – Greg Bray Mar 28 '10 at 2:51
  • Obejet is not a member of webBrower1 that is what I am gettinf – user306142 Jan 15 '11 at 11:48
  • thanx, This really helped me..... – user576462 Jan 15 '11 at 12:13
  • 3
    +100 for all the worthless crap I had to read through before I found this. – Paul Draper Nov 21 '12 at 23:31

Slightly cleaned up version of Greg's answer. It modifies the passed-in control's behavior rather than relying on a global variable. Usage:



// interface to expose ActiveX methods
private SHDocVw.WebBrowser_V1 Web_V1;
private void InlinePopups(WebBrowser browser)
    // hooks to force new windows to open in the current instance
    Web_V1 = (SHDocVw.WebBrowser_V1)browser.ActiveXInstance;
    Web_V1.NewWindow += new SHDocVw.DWebBrowserEvents_NewWindowEventHandler((string URL, int Flags, string TargetFrameName, ref object PostData, string Headers, ref bool Processed) =>
        Processed = true; // stop event from being processed

        // open in the existing window

Still needs the reference to %WINDIR%\system32\shdocvw.dll, of course.

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