How do I test to see which option is in focus during a form submittal?

<select name="temp" id="keys">
   <option selected="selected" value="ISBN">ISBN</option>
   <option value="Title">Title</option>
   <option value="Author">Author</option>
   <option value="Publisher">Publisher</option>
   <option value="Date">Date</option>

From my snippet I've tried S.param("temp")...

  • Did you have any problem with using S.param? – nafg Jul 17 '13 at 8:49

A common way to do this is use SHtml.select()

This way you can have the options taken from Scala code, in a typesafe manner and prone to typos.

As far as I understand, S.param("temp") should work also, if you din't mess with the <form>.

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