I am working with Entity Framework

I want to know how I can use stored procedures in Linq-to-Entities. My stored procedure is called SelectEmployee and table name is Employee

For this I added code like this

 databaseentity entities = new databaseentity();
 var selectdata = entities.ExecuteStoreQuery<Employee>("SelectEmployee").ToList();

but it is not supported ExecuteStoreQuery

So please guide me how can I use stored procedures in Linq-to-Entities


In simple steps:

  1. Add your stored procedure to the edmx.

  2. You will find that sp in Model Browser

  3. Right click on stored procedure and say Add Function Import

  4. use it by entities.SelectEmployee()

  • As a slight 'gotcha' make sure your application user has execute permissions to the SP else you won't be able to find it, to add it – dougajmcdonald Jul 11 '13 at 10:14

You can check out the following two short articles



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