Does anybody know how to add page number at footer for PDF? Followed is an example to show how to add page number at header by using enscript, ps2pdf pdftk. It works.

pagenum=$(pdftk "$input" dump_data | grep "NumberOfPages" | cut -d":" -f2)
enscript -L1 --header='|Page $% of $=|' --output - < <(for i in $(seq "$pagenum"); do echo; done) | ps2pdf - | pdftk "$input" multistamp - output $output

According to enscript's manual, changing --header to --footer will work for footer. But in fact, no matter how I set the option for --footer, there is no footer at all. What's the matter? Does --footer work for enscript?

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Someone posted a good example of a working .hdr file on askubuntu along with alternative ways to invoke the new header file. https://askubuntu.com/questions/544606/printing-footers-using-enscript

% -- code follows this line --
%Format: fmodstr    $D{%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y}
%Format: pagenumstr $V$%

%HeaderHeight: 38
%FooterHeight: 15

/do_header {   % print default simple header

% Footer
  d_footer_x d_footer_y HFpt_h 3 div add translate
  HF setfont

  user_footer_p {
    d_footer_x  d_footer_y moveto user_footer_left_str show

    d_footer_w user_footer_center_str stringwidth pop sub 2 div
    0 moveto user_footer_center_str show

    d_footer_x d_footer_w add user_footer_right_str stringwidth pop sub
    d_footer_y moveto user_footer_right_str show
  } if

% Header
  d_header_x d_header_y HFpt_h 3 div add translate
  HF setfont

  user_header_p {
    5 0 moveto user_header_left_str show

    d_header_w user_header_center_str stringwidth pop sub 2 div
    0 moveto user_header_center_str show

    d_header_w user_header_right_str stringwidth pop sub 5 sub
    0 moveto user_header_right_str show
  } {
    5 0 moveto fname show
    45 0 rmoveto fmodstr show
    45 0 rmoveto pagenumstr show
  } ifelse

} def

To get this to work, I modified one of the existing header files (simple.hdr) and then passed the parameter --header-files=name-of-new file on the command line. then remove the --header option in teh command line.

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    What is your modification for simple.hdr? Does your modification work for footer?
    – warem
    Jul 28, 2013 at 11:20

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