Is it possible to make a MySQL transaction that changes databases on different servers?

I would need to:

  1. insert into the first database
  2. select from the first database
  3. insert into the second database
  4. if any of these fails, revert to the original state

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As observed above, this question is very similar to Can I to a transaction across two MySQL databases? Whilst that question referred to different databases on the same server, its accepted answer still applies.

Indeed, as documented under XA Transactions:

Support for XA transactions is available for the InnoDB storage engine.

[ deletia ]

XA supports distributed transactions, that is, the ability to permit multiple separate transactional resources to participate in a global transaction. Transactional resources often are RDBMSs but may be other kinds of resources.

[ deletia ]

Some examples of distributed transactions:

[ deletia ]
  • An application performs actions that involve different database servers, such as a MySQL server and an Oracle server (or multiple MySQL servers), where actions that involve multiple servers must happen as part of a global transaction, rather than as separate transactions local to each server.

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