As you can see on the screenshot from a jstree,above the triangle on the first node there is an extra vertical dash line:

enter image description here

Anybody knows how to get rid of it?

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In the version of jsTree I'm using, v3.3.7, the following call removes the dots...

    core: {
        data: jsonData, // Some JSON data
        themes: { dots: false }

The jsTree API documentation has specifications about this call.


With current version (3.3.3) you can remove dots directly by calling


It's not a very fancy solution but I did this:

  1. Get the root node. I'm not sure if its the right way but I'm doing this:

    var root = tree.jstree("_get_node");
  2. Find the ins element and change its background style:

    root.find("ins:first").css("background-position-x", "-18px");

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