Aside from Java Applet, is there anyway we can read from an UDP socket? I know websockets are TCP sockets, but I need to communicate with a server via udp sockets, anything in HTML5, or anything at all? I have looked at this post from: two years ago and this one as well again from two years ago no UDP. I was wondering if there is any new way now that we are in 2013 to use the browser to communicate with a server via udp socket?


What you are looking for can't be done with in Javascript due to security constraints such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks. The closest technology available (that I know of) for client-side JS is WebRTC.

With WebRTC you can use DataChannels over SRTP and ICE as a possible solution.

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You can use both TCP and UDP connections with the chrome.socket API, but this is only for Packaged Apps (i.e. apps that are bundled in a container to be run as desktop apps).

The API was available for a while for Chrome extensions, when it was in experimental status (see this answer, from a user who works at Google and was co-presenter for Packaged Apps at Google I/O 2012)

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