I have the following in a shell script,I want to convert the following lines into a windows cmd file..can anyone provide inputs on what is the equivalent for "rm" and "mv" in windows cmd file.

rm -f ${BUILD_ID}/${BUILD_ASIC}*rampatch*
mv ${BUILD_ID}/${BUILD_ASIC}*rampatch* ${BUILD_ID}/emul/
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    del and move. – Blorgbeard Jul 12 '13 at 4:49

move in windows is equivalent of mv command in Linux

del in windows is equivalent of rm command in Linux

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    This is an oversimplification. The behavior and capabilities are quite different. – javadba Feb 20 '16 at 1:18

move and del ARE certainly the equivalents, but from a functionality standpoint they are woefully NOT equivalent. For example, you can't move both files AND folders (in a wildcard scenario) with the move command. And the same thing applies with del.

The preferred solution in my view is to use Win32 ports of the Linux tools, the best collection of which I have found being here.

mv and rm are in the CoreUtils package and they work wonderfully!

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