I use pyGal for making charts, but I can't insert them in django templates. It works great, if I try like this in views.py

 return HttpResponse(chart.render())

But when I make something like this in my template in doesn't work at all


The tutorial on pygal is accurate, however the issue you are probably seeing is from flask escaping html by default. In your template add:

{{ graph|safe  }}


{{ graph.render()|safe  }}

Depending what you pass to the template.

This solved the issue for me.


This is what I do (and it works swimmingly!):


def myview(request):
    # do whatever you have to do with your view
    # customize and prepare your chart
    # save SVG chart to server
    # end your view. For instance:
    context = {'message': 'Hello Pygal!'}
    return render(request, 'path/to/mytemplate.html', context)


<embed type="image/svg+xml" src="/path/to/graph.svg" width="90"/>

That is all!


I could write you the answer, but I believe that this tutorial will provide a more detailed explanation.

  • I've already read this tutorial several times, but it didn't help. Maybe me is the problem )) – vZ10 Jul 12 '13 at 7:22
  • The link is broken now. Can you update? Thanks. – Arthur Accioly Aug 26 '16 at 14:09

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