I'm trying to get a next field after matching field using awk.

Is there an option to do that or do I need to scan the record into array then check each field in array and print the one after that?

What I have so far:

The file format is:

<FIELD><separator "1"><VALUE><separator "1"><FIELD><separator "1"><VALUE> 

... and so on, field|value pairs are repeated, will be at least one pair in line or multiple pairs <10 per line



With simple awk script which prints the second field on a line matching FIELDB2:

#!/bin/awk -f

BEGIN { FS = "1" }
/FIELDB2/ { print $2 }

Running the above:

> ./scrpt.awk dat.txt

Gives me:


This is because the line that match:


When split into records looks:


From which the second field is VALUEB0

Now I don't know which FIELDXX will match but I would like to print the next record on the line after FIELDXX that matched, in this specific example when FIELDB2 matches I need to print VALUEB2.

Any suggestions?

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You can match the line, then loop over the fields for a match, and print the next record:

awk -F1 '/FIELDB2/ { for (x=1;x<=NF;x++) if ($x~"FIELDB2") print $(x+1) }' 

No need for slowing things down using a loop :)

awk -F1 '/FIELDB2/ {f=NR} f&&NR-1==f' RS="1" file
  • That works like a charm! Would you mind explaining though? I mostly don't understand the order in this condition "f&&NR-1==f", is it this way ((NR-1)==f)&&f? I suspect you use NR-1 to match FIELDB2 and thus let NR be the next field but I can't understand how it's done and what are the values of NR and f regarding the matching pattern. Thank you in advance – laertis Jul 26 '16 at 16:10

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