Sorry for the long title, here's the jist:

  • I have a android application project which I'm hosting on bitbucket.
  • There is a library on github I'd like to add as a dependency.

I'm unsure of

  1. How to add the github project as a library to my Eclipse project?
  2. How this will work when pushing/pulling from Bitbucket?

Thanks, David.


Setting your dependency as a library: you'll have to clone the project to a local folder, import it as a project into Eclipse, and in your project configuration you'll have to set the library project as a library: do a right-click in the project's name, go to Properties and under "Android" click in the checkbox "Is library".

Adding the library to the main project: In your main project, go to project properties the same way, and under "Android" click in the "Add" button and add a reference to your library problem.

More details here: http://developer.android.com/tools/projects/projects-eclipse.html

git: if you don't want to put the library's source code into your project you can add it to a .gitignore file and download it manually everytime you clone your project from Bitbucket. You can also take a look at git submodules: http://git-scm.com/book/en/Git-Tools-Submodules . Sorry but I never used them to give you more details.


If the library is a .jar file, you can simply paste it into the libs folder of your app. Android should automatically add it to the build path. As far as pushing/pulling from BitBucket goes, as long as you add the .jar file in git the library will be committed like any other file.

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