How can I add text overlay on my video in ffmpeg?

i.e. given a video "video1.flv", how can I add "StackOverflow" text during the whole video, positioned in the middle of the screen, with white text and a border?

  • look here. nr. 6 – bitWorking Jul 12 '13 at 20:42
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    @bitWorking - I see that your comment is already 3 years old, but still I beg you please do not insult and waste time of stackoverflow community members with your obfuscated "let me google that for you" links. Especially as you introduce recursion (I came here via google search). Also using URL shortenings can hide potential malware or spam links because you will not know where your are pointed. – FooF Jul 17 '16 at 16:02

Use the drawtext video filter in ffmpeg:

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ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -vf drawtext="fontfile=/path/to/font.ttf: \
text='Stack Overflow': fontcolor=white: fontsize=24: box=1: boxcolor=black@0.5: \
boxborderw=5: x=(w-text_w)/2: y=(h-text_h)/2" -codec:a copy output.mp4
  • The @0.5 controls the opacity of the text box. In this example it is set to 50%. You can remove @0.5 and there will be no transparency.

  • -codec:a copy will stream copy (re-mux) the audio and avoid re-encoding.

  • An alternative to the drawtext filter is to use ASS or SRT subtitles–especially if you want timed text or softsubs.

  • If you want to update or change the text see the textfile and reload options for this filter.

  • This filter requires your ffmpeg to be compiled with --enable-libfreetype. If you get No such filter: 'drawtext' it is probably missing --enable-libfreetype. Most of the ffmpeg static builds available support this, so see the FFmpeg Download page for links.

  • See the drawtext filter documentation for more options and examples.

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    @NoahTernullo there's also strftime options and "pts" variable you can use. In terms of making it ticker along the bottom, you can probably use some function for x variable value changes based on pts or frame number. – rogerdpack May 12 '15 at 19:45
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    @chovy Your ffmpeg needs to be built with --enable-libfreetype. – llogan Jul 31 '16 at 19:02
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    fyi, for those installing with brew, you can pass that flag --with-libefreetype to the install command. – chovy Aug 1 '16 at 21:00
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    @chovy I think the homebrew option you mentioned should be --with-freetype – Rico Picone Feb 19 '17 at 2:25
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    @VivekThummar It needs to be in the form of -vf "scale=1920:1080,drawtext=..." Notice the comma (,) connecting the filters. The comma is missing in your command being executed. This is a problem with your implementation of the ffmpeg command in android. – llogan Aug 5 at 17:32

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