I'm using Redmine and I'm trying to insert the special character | inside a table in a Redmine wiki page. I don't want this character to be parsed as a column separator.

I've achieved this by doing a <code>|</code> around this character, but I don't want to use the code tag, since this character will gain code attributes, namely the courier new font.

Is there a tag for displaying plain text and avoid the parsing from the Redmine wiki engine? I'm reading the redmine wiki formatting documentation but it is very poor and points me to textile formatting which doesn't seem to include this special case.

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I could not get the exclimation point to work, but this works for me.


  • exactly, as defined in the redmine user guide here
    – estani
    Commented Sep 26, 2012 at 15:20
  • Sometimes the behavior of notextile is not exactly the same. For instance, beginning a block with two spaces and then a notextile will not create a "box"
    – diogovk
    Commented Apr 4, 2015 at 12:16

The only way I found out to overcome this problem is to insert the HTML code for the character I want to isolate. For instance, instead of putting an underscore and make the wiki think I'm starting an italic word, I have to put the HTML code for it:



this is a &#95;test - _text comment here_

Without the underscore code (&#95;) redmine wiki engine will think that italic starts at test and this is the wrong result:

this is a test - text comment here

So, putting the ASCII code for the underscore corrects this problem. Unfortunately, this parsing is not very clever (yet I hope).

Here is a link for an ASCII code table with many symbols and characters:


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