I'm looking for a simple python library for text recognition from images. Images are similar to this:

enter image description here

The image contains a very pure and simple - one line, numbers and hyphens, but the resolution is low.

I would like something similar (in an ideal):

 text = recognize(open('image.png', 'rb').read())

Does something similar exists? Thanks.


I know about pytesser and OCRopus. But as far as I understand they don't support Python 3.x.


I used pytesser. Very easy to learn, and did a great job for me. If you don't like this option, search for 'python OCR library'

  • Last release - 0.0.1 - in May, 2007. It is developed? – shau-kote Jul 14 '13 at 4:38
  • I guess not, I didn't even noticed when I downloaded it. Anyway, I don't know other options and this was good for me, so its worth a shot – Yotam Jul 14 '13 at 6:50
  • Updating old thread here, but important info: use pytesseract instead. Pytesser has been renamed and forked. – DecstarG Jun 29 '19 at 23:34

OCRopus is another easy to learn OCR library for python. It also seems to yield (slightly) better results than pytesser. Here's the link to its site

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