I am writing a shell script that iterates through a set IMAP folders.



I want to list all subfolders inside.

Easy with find:

for SUB_FOLDER in $(find "$WORKPATH" -type d)

However: Some of these folders have space in their name such as:

/var/mail/mydomain.com/myaccount/.Deleted Mails/
/var/mail/mydomain.com/myaccount/.Junk Mails/

Which make code above print out something in the neighbourhood of:

SUB_FOLDER: /var/mail/mydomain.com/myaccount/.Deleted
SUB_FOLDER: /var/mail/mydomain.com/myaccount/.Junk

I have tried using the -print0 option and pipe to xargs -0, but I have had no luck. Playing with IFS did even more bad things to output than needed.

Could really use a tip how make find make only 2 tokens to the for loop instad of 4, or alternative way to iterate the list.


Use a while loop:

while read SUB_FOLDER; do 
    echo "SUB_FOLDER: $SUB_FOLDER"; 
done < <(find "$WORKPATH" -type d)
  • Thank you! I was going nuts trying to debug what was going on. Syntax on my system is slightly off compared to your example. I replaced last "<" with "$" which made my script behave a lot more the way I want. – Lasse Michael Mølgaard Jul 15 '13 at 13:07
  • Eh... ignore the replace "<" part. Turns out i was using /bin/sh instead of /bin/bash in my script. There are some subtle differences in behaviour there. Using bash made more bugs go away. :-) – Lasse Michael Mølgaard Jul 15 '13 at 13:35

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