As you can probably tell by my question, I am a complete noob at this whole thing (namely, downloading open-source projects, and Visual Studio 2010). I wanted to study the code, find out how it works, adapt my own version that dumps relevant data in a database, but really, I only got as far as loading the solution in VS 2010, hitting the "Start Debugging" button, and then:

The working directory does not exist: 'D:\Dev\CodeProject\articles\smartcardfmwk\Smartcard_Framework

How can I fix this error? I tried googling it, but none of the solutions fit the bill properly.

The source code in question is Smart Card Framework, from Code Project:


I downloaded the "Updated Project (VS2010)" and I can open it in VS2010, as well as build, but debugging just wouldn't work.

I did not try replicating the path yet, but as this is a working project, my company requires that it is placed on a very specific location accessible by others.



Nevermind, I got it. It was so simple, I'm sorry for wasting anyone's time.

The source Solution had a lot of Projects under them. I figured at least one of them was pointing to a directory that doesn't exist, so I waded through the Projects,

  • I right-clicked a Project and clicked the Properties
  • This will open up the ProjectName Property Tab
  • Under the Debug tab, there is a filed called "Working Directory"; I changed it to where the project is currently located.

This solved my problem, for now, unless there's a Project I missed. I am wondering, though, if I have to do this again if I move the Solution elsewhere.

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    I am wondering, though, if I have to do this again if I move the Solution elsewhere. As far as I know this information is stored in *.csproj.user files that are local user setting files and should not be shared between the team members or different workstations. So on another workstation Working Directory should be empty by default (which means that no Working Directory would be specified so exe will use its current folder). You should also exclude .user files from source control. – Andrey Shchekin Jul 15 '13 at 3:49
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    In my case wrong path was at Project properties -> Build tab -> Output path. It's completely incorrect behaviour of VS because csproj file had other path specified in OutputPath tag of the corresponding Configuration group. – Lu55 May 30 '14 at 11:44
  • You did not waste anybody's time. 6 years later I just had this problem and solved it quickly thanks to your post! – Nicolas Sep 12 at 18:04

This happened also in VS 2019 after importing / upgrading an old C# project. I was not able to see any project properties to change. Finally it was fixed by manually editing the file <ProjName>.user.csproj as follows:


<StartWorkingDirectory>[wrong directory name]</StartWorkingDirectory>



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