I am trying to get a cronjob to run a basic Python script as a proof-of-concept exercise. The Python script goes as follows:

with open('realfile','a+') as f:

My script is located (along with the 'realfile' file) in a 'Documents' directory that is one below my home directory (i.e. $HOME/Documents).

My crontab is as follows:

*/1 * * * * /$HOME/Documents/crontest.py

For some reason the crontab does not execute the script every minute as it should. The script works fine, as I manually ran it from command line (using ./crontest.py). In addition, the crontab worked completely fine when the script was located in the home directory and the crontab was simply:

*/1 * * * * /$HOME/crontest.py

I have checked the location of 'crontest.py' using 'locate crontest.py' and I got the following two locations:
/home/meric/crontest.py /usr/bin/crontest.py

I tried setting both of these paths in my crontab, and still the job won't run.

What could be the problem? Thanks for the help!

  • use fully expanded, absolute paths in both the crontab entry and your script and see if that helps. – mnagel Jul 16 '13 at 6:20
  • also, if your email setup (nullmailer?) is configured correctly, you should be sent an email with details on the error. – mnagel Jul 16 '13 at 6:21

AFAIK, cron jobs' working directory is the home of the user they execute as. Thus if you have both crontest.py and realfile in your Documents subdir, crontest.py should execute, and then fail when it can't find realfile in your home. Do recheck paths as Owen said; also, you can use this to run in an arbitrary working directory:

*/1 * * * * cd /home/meric/Documents && ./crontest.py
  • Thanks this worked! – MEric Jul 16 '13 at 7:31

Your script is not in the directory:


You say at the bottom that it's in:

/home/meric/crontest.py /usr/bin/crontest.py

Why not copy it to:


and try again.

  • The thing is, my script is actually located in that directory. I'm not sure why 'locate crontest.py' gives those two paths, when 'crontest.py' is in fact located in $HOME/Documents/crontest.py – MEric Jul 16 '13 at 7:23

I think you miss the absolute path on the python code. Try this:

import os
with open((os.getenv('HOME') + '/Documents/' +'realfile'),'a+') as f:

And edit the cron job:

*/1 * * * * $HOME/Documents/crontest.py

because $HOME variable already contain the /

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