I have to migrate all the database tables from oracle to db2 in Talend Open Studio tool. Can anyone please tell me each and every basic steps from starting to end, to migrate the database tables from oracle to db2 in Talend Open Studio.


Every single migration is different, there could be many procedures, however you should adapt them to your environement. Remember that DB2 has many Oracle compatibilities, and IBM continue to increase it. However, you should care about what DB2 version you are using, and what Oracle compatibilities it has. Probably you would like to use the latest version 10.5.

Probably you should use IBM Data Movement Too for the whole process.

You can get a lot of clues to design your migration strategie from the following articles:

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    Both MEET DB2 and IDMT are deprecated, they do not necessarily support DB2 versions newer than 9.7. IBM Database Conversion Workbench is the currently available tool. – mustaccio Jul 17 '13 at 11:58
  • Thanks.. Actually I already worked in IBM Data Movement Tool.. It only does flat data migration but I want to perform data cleansing also which is not supported by this tool. So I have searched another open source tool ie. Talend Open Studio which supports data cleansing.. I want to know the basic steps in migrating the database through this tool. – siddhartha_haldar Jul 17 '13 at 13:40

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