I'm working with Eclipse Kepler and EGit 3.0.0. Where can I find the GIT stash/apply functionality.

I cannot find stash in the package explorer team pop-up nor anywhere in the Team Synchronizing perspective.


After all I found it, hidden in the "Git Repository view":

enter image description here

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    Thanks: I was looking for a way to apply stashed changes and going through the git repo view seems to be the only way. Note however that if you have uncommitted work and do a switch, Eclipse will offer to stash your changes as one of the options, without requiring you to go through the git repo view.
    – Lolo
    Sep 10 '13 at 15:56

With Eclipse Mars (Egit Version 4.0.3) you can access the Stash via click on Project ==> Team ==> Stashes:

EGit Stash


For me, the "AHA" moment was when I realized stashing (in EGit) happens at project level and not at file level. So I spent hours searching in the file context menu with no luck. Right click the project, and there it is...


You can also type CTRL-3 (CMD-3 on Mac) to start quick access and then type "stash" to find and run stash

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