I am using GSON annotations to parse JSON fields from a restful service into a DTO. I wanted to write a test which would detect if there where any fields in JSONObject that are not yet being parsed into the Java DTO object that has the annotations. If on the server they add ten fields I will have no way of knowing this? Is there any way to test dynamically if all fields are being parsed into the Java object?

To put this another way, could I get the names of all the DTO fields (including annotation info), and compare that all the fields on the JSON object. So I am trying to compare DTO to JSONObject to see if I have covered everything.


Gson itself doesn't have anything like this. "Extra" fields in Java or the JSON are silently ignored. Fields present in Java but not in JSON are set to null

The only way you could so this is via reflection, either during Gson's deserialization with a custom deserializer or by parsing the JSON to a JsonObject using Gson's JsonParser class and doing your test.

You'd need to get all the field names from the JsonObject via entrySet(), all the field names from the Java class using Class.getDeclaredFields() and compare the two sets to find which ones are not present in both.

  • Ok. I think I will try this. Will getDeclaredFields() also return the annotation information? eg. GSON's @SerializedName("theNameInJSON") public String theName; – gitright Jul 17 '13 at 18:23
  • Yes - if you look at the reflection API,Field encapsulates everything about the field and has getDeclaredAnnotations() – Brian Roach Jul 17 '13 at 18:41

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