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I am a newbie to lighttpd maintenance. In apache2 when I add a site(virtual host) file to sites-available, I will have to use the a2ensite command to activate it. If the vhost is example.conf, I will have to run the command below to activate it.

sudo a2ensite example

and then restart apache.

I see there are other sites which are in the conf-enabled folder, but I cannot see mine. I even ran lighttpd-enable-mod on the conf file, but for some reason I cannot find a symlink even though I restart the lighttpd server.

How do I do the same in lighttpd??

EDIT: I am adding the vhosts

vhost1 >> conf-available/subdomain1.conf

$HTTP["host"] =~ "" {
#$SERVER["socket"] == ":80" {
proxy.balance = "round-robin" proxy.server = ( "/" =>
( ( "host" => "", "port" => 8081 ) ) )

vhost2 >> conf-available/subdomain2.conf

$HTTP["host"] =~ "" {
    #$SERVER["socket"] == ":80" {
    proxy.balance = "round-robin" proxy.server = ( "/" =>
    ( ( "host" => "", "port" => 8082 ) ) )

So now I am adding another sub domain(subdomain3) on port 8083. And when I restart it I am unable to get to subdomain3. My web admin helped me on this and now he is out on vacation for two weeks, I primarily am a web developer, so I do not have a lot of idea around this.

One thing I noticed is, there are sym links for subdomain1.conf & subdomian2.conf, but I do not have a sym link to my subdomain3.conf file. When I do a curl -I, I get a 200 and am receiving the expected data.There are no errors in the conf file, becaus it is a mirror image of the other files, except for the port and host.

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Nothing like that is needed just add a if case for the specific url/baseurl your side is supposed to be reachable from, save the config.

Make sure the config has no syntax errors via lighttpd -t /path/to/config and restart lighttpd afterwards (nowadays systemctl restart lighttpd.service, old /etc/init.d/lighttpd restart)

Keep in mind that lighttpd does not evaluate nor care about .htaccess or alike apache config files.

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