While using kendo treeview with server side data there is an issue while binding data in mvc

my controller action is:

public ActionResult DayPart(long storeid)

            IEnumerable<TreeViewMapModel> objDaypart = from item in new DayPartService().GetAll().ToList()
                                                       select new TreeViewMapModel
                                                           Id = item.Id,
                                                           Name = item.Name,
                                                           Items = (from map in new DayPartMappingService().GetByStoreId(storeid)
                                                                    where item.Id == map.DayPartId
                                                                    select new MasterModel() { Id = int.Parse(map.SourceId), Name = map.SourceLabel }).ToList(),


 var ret = objDaypart.Select(x => new TreeViewMapModel
               HasChildren = x.Items.Count() > 0,
               Id = x.Id,
               Items = x.Items ?? Enumerable.Empty<MasterModel>(),
               Name = x.Name
@ViewBag.storename = new StoreService().GetById(storeid).Name;
          return View(ret);

and in the view

@model IEnumerable<Apis.Web.MvcPortal.Areas.Setups.Models.TreeViewMapModel>
.BindTo(Model.ToList(), (Kendo.Mvc.UI.Fluent.NavigationBindingFactory<TreeViewItem> mappings) =>
    mappings.For<Apis.Web.MvcPortal.Areas.Setups.Models.TreeViewMapModel>(bound => bound.ItemDataBound((node, structure) =>
        node.HasChildren = structure.HasChildren;
        node.Id = structure.Id.ToString();
        node.Text = structure.Name;

    .Children(structure => structure.Items));

But i am getting error sequence contain no elements.Can anyone tell what m i doing wrong.

My stack trace is: at System.Linq.Enumerable.First[TSource](IEnumerable1 source) at Kendo.Mvc.UI.NavigationItemContainerExtensions.Bind[TNavigationItem](TNavigationItem component, Object dataItem, NavigationBindingFactory1 factory) at Kendo.Mvc.UI.NavigationItemContainerExtensions.Bind[TNavigationItem](TNavigationItem component, Object dataItem, NavigationBindingFactory1 factory) at Kendo.Mvc.UI.NavigationItemContainerExtensions.BindTo[TNavigationItem](INavigationItemContainer1 component, IEnumerable dataSource, Action1 factoryAction) at Kendo.Mvc.UI.Fluent.TreeViewBuilder.BindTo(IEnumerable dataSource, Action1 factoryAction) at ASP._Page_Areas_Setups_Views_Mapping_DayPart_cshtml.Execute() in d:\APISBI_MVC\APISBI\Main\SRC\Apis.Web.MvcPortal\Areas\Setups\Views\Mapping\DayPart.cshtml:line 47 at System.Web.WebPages.WebPageBase.ExecutePageHierarchy() at System.Web.Mvc.WebViewPage.ExecutePageHierarchy() at System.Web.WebPages.WebPageBase.ExecutePageHierarchy(WebPageContext pageContext, TextWriter writer, WebPageRenderingBase startPage) at System.Web.Mvc.RazorView.RenderView(ViewContext viewContext, TextWriter writer, Object instance) at System.Web.Mvc.BuildManagerCompiledView.Render(ViewContext viewContext, TextWriter writer) at System.Web.Mvc.ViewResultBase.ExecuteResult(ControllerContext context) at System.Web.Mvc.ControllerActionInvoker.InvokeActionResult(ControllerContext controllerContext, ActionResult actionResult) at System.Web.Mvc.ControllerActionInvoker.<>c_DisplayClass1a.b_17() at System.Web.Mvc.ControllerActionInvoker.InvokeActionResultFilter(IResultFilter filter, ResultExecutingContext preContext, Func`1 continuation)

Thanks in advance.

  • TreeViewMapModel is a ViewModel – Ni3 Jul 18 '13 at 7:35

I got a similar error when the Children's object datatypes were not also converted to the same type that is being passed to the grid.

For example, in my case what came from the service was a List which I converted to a more generic List -- but the children sitting on each Tag were still tags.

I either needed a recursive function to convert the child Tags to OurTreeItemClass or alternatively, to create a service method that returns this data as OurTreeItemClass in the first place to alleviate the need to do these conversions at all.

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