Running a tool, I had to install Perl. Well, I've installed Strawberry-Perl and some modules fine. But when I make Statistics::Basic, it fails.

The process to make the module:

  • perl Makefile.PL (OK)
  • dmake test (FAIL)

C:\Perl\perl\lib\Basic>dmake test C:\Perl\perl\bin\perl.exe "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" "-e" "test_harness(0, 'blib\lib', 'blib\arch')" t/*.t t/05_load_them.t ................... # Test 1 got: "Can't locate Number/Format.pm in @INC (you may need to install the Number::Format module ) (@INC contains: C:\Perl\perl\lib\Basic\blib\lib C:\Perl\perl\lib\Basic\blib\arch C:/Perl/perl/site/lib C:/Perl/perl/vendor/lib C:/Perl/perl/lib .) at C:\Perl\perl\lib\Basic\blib\lib/Statistics/Basic.pm line 8.\nBEGIN failed--compilation aborted at C:\Perl\pe rl\lib\Basic\blib\lib/Statistics/Basic.pm line 8.\nCompilation failed in require at C:\Perl\perl\lib\Basic\blib\lib/Statistics/Bas ic/_OneVectorBase.pm line 7.\nBEGIN failed--compilation aborted at C:\Perl\perl\lib\Basic\blib\lib/Statistics/Basic/_OneVectorBase.pm line 7.\nCompilation failed in require at (eval 1) line 2.\nBEGIN failed--compilation aborted at (eval 1) line 2.\n" (t/05_load_them.t at li ne 12) t/05_load_them.t ................... 1/12 # Expected: "" # t/05_load_them.t line 12 is: ok($@, "");

. . .

I don't know Perl and I have no idea about the problem. How can I install this module?


The error message says

you may need to install the Number::Format module

So do this first. As there could be more dependencies, it's usually better to use a tool which is automatically resolving all dependencies, e.g. CPAN.pm:

cpan Statistics::Basic

I've got the same problem with the module Statistics::Basic, so tried to install Number::Format and again problem dmake test failed!

So I've just tried make install command, and then install modules, and it works.


I am in Windows. It is solved by executing dmake install manually.

# install will be failed but you can get source downloaded
> cpan install Number::Format
> cd c:\strawberry\cpan\build
# replace [version] and [random string] with what you see in the directory
> cd Number-Format-[version]-[random string]
# ignore `dmake test`
> dmake install

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