I am working with a Subversion server that was recently upgraded to version 1.7. I am using the command-line Linux client 1.7.10.

I created a branch like this:

%: svn copy svn+ssh://acme.com/a/b/c/trunk svn+ssh://acme.com/a/b/c/branches/ovm_sequencer -m "Feature branch for ovm_sequencer"

After a couple of edits, I tried to reintegrate into the trunk and only ran into problems:

%: svn merge --reintegrate '^/c/branches/ovm_sequencer'
svn: E160013: File not found: revision 1677, path '/c/branches/ovm_sequencer'

%: svn merge --reintegrate svn+ssh://acme.com/a/b/c/branches/ovm_sequencer
svn: E200007: Retrieval of mergeinfo unsupported by 'svn+ssh://acme.com/a/b/c/branches/ovm_sequencer'

What has gone wrong and how can it be fixed?


Two notes:

  • ^ in SVN-path means always repository-root, thus ^/c/branches/ovm_sequencer implies "/c/branches/ovm_sequencer" inside repository, while you have (most probably) repository in acme.com/a/b/c path, and URL must be ^/branches/ovm_sequencer

  • "Retrieval of mergeinfo unsupported" means one bad fact about your Network|SVN admin - he doesn't read Release Notes for updated software: in order to have mergeinfo supported on server side except updating software for pre-1.5 Subversion to 1.5 or later, repository also must to be upgraded in order to have new format. Topic (very old - from 2008 year) on Collabnet "mergeinfo not supported"

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    The first note was very helpful. My URL was actually ^/b/c/branches/ovm_sequencer. Once I had the syntax right the mergeinfo worked! (I'm not sure if the admin did something else in the meantime.) I suspect SVN wasn't understanding how to parse the two URLs with svn+ssh: as being related. – Hackonteur Jul 18 '13 at 21:53

If you are on IntelliJ 13.1 (Build #IU-135.475) and having this problem and your server is not 1.7x yet simply go to your Subversion preferences, presentation tab, un-tick 'Show merge source in history and annotations'.

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Upgrade remote repository, not personal checkout (take few seconds):

$ svnadmin upgrade REPOS_PATH

If you worry or have no remote access for converting - dump or sync repository copy by:

$ svnsync initialize --username=XXX --password=YYY $MIRROR $MASTER
$ svnsync synchronize $MASTER


 $ svnadmin dump $MASTER  > svn.dump
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  • what should I put instead of REPOS_PATH? – Line Jan 30 '19 at 13:35

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