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To start, this code is working in a WAS 6.1 environment but after migrating to WAS 8.0 it isn't. The browser being used is IE8. Yes I know WAS is on the backend but looking at what has changed that is the main thing.


  • User logs into main page
  • then opens another application. User does some work that
  • then specifically calls this page which gives it a link back into the main application. The window.open line win1 = window.open("", "mainFrame", ""); is now giving an access denied error.

Any Ideas?

function pageInit() {
    var aboutBlank = "true";
    var url = "";
        // get handle to existing open page
        win1 = window.open("", "mainFrame", "");
        alert("step 1 after window.open");
        // Check for the resetTab field.  If found, set it to Y 
        // do some stuff to the existing open page
        if (typeof win1.document.forms[0].resetTab != "undefined" 
            && win1.document.forms[0].resetTab != null) 
            win1.document.forms[0].resetTab.value = 'Y';
        // If error is that object doesn't support property or method, then
        // user is probably not logged in.
        if (ex.description.indexOf("doesn't support this property or method") > -1)
            alert("No current session available" + ex.description);
        } else {
            alert('An error occurred: ' + ex.description);
} // end of pageInit
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Do you mean this line win1 = window.open("", "mainFrame", ""); To what filepath does it resolve. Have you double checked the permission for that path. If it returns an access denied error is that a http-code (401) or a server side error message? – surfmuggle Jul 18 '13 at 12:19
Yes that was the line. As an update, if I put a static url that points to the main jsp page it makes it past window.open but still gives an access denied when it hits win1.document.forms[0].resetTab.value = 'Y'; I'll have to check on what the actual message was. – John Norris Jul 18 '13 at 12:44
To clarify, this code is occurring after the external application has called a window.open using this specific webpage. The bottom of this code is doing a redirect. – John Norris Jul 18 '13 at 17:13
I edited your question and added some tags. But i forgot to include the first line // pageInit is called from onload event. Also i noticed that the brackets do not match. Could you double check the brackets and add the line pageinit ... again. Thanks – surfmuggle Jul 18 '13 at 19:01

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