I am uploading data from a a big .csv file into Cassandra using copy in cqlsh. I am using cassandra 1.2 and CQL 3.0. However since " is part of my data I have to use some other character for uploading my data, I need to use any extended ASCII characters. I tried various approaches but fails.

The following works, but need to use an extended ascii characters for my purpose..

copy (<columnnames>) from <filename> where deleimiter='|' and quote = '"';
copy (<columnnames>) from <filename> where deleimiter='|' and quote = '~';

When I give quote='ß', I get the error below:

:"quotechar" must be an 1-character string

Pls advice on how I can use an extended ASCII character for quote parameter..

Thanks in advance


A note on the COPY documentation page suggests that for bulk loading (like in your case), the json2sstable utility should be used. You can then load the sstables to your cluster using sstableloader. So I suggest that you write a script/program to convert your CSV to JSON and use these tools for your big CSV. JSON will not have any problem handling all characters from ASCII table.


I had a similar problem, and inspected the source code of cqlsh (it's a python script). In my case, I was generating the csv with python, so it was a matter of finding the right python csv parameters.

Here's the key information from cqlsh:

    csv_dialect_defaults = dict(delimiter=',', doublequote=False,
                            escapechar='\\', quotechar='"')

So if you are lucky enough to generate your .csv file from python, it's just a matter of using the csv module with:

    writer = csv.writer(open("output.csv", 'w'), **csv_dialect_defaults)

Hope this helps, even if you are not using python.

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