I am already at my wits end. I have this problem for 2days now and the answers that I came up with have no effect. I searched over the net for possible solutions and did some of those, still no effect. I saw some answers but they are in linux and I dont know what commands to use if I'm gonna do those in windows.

I want to sync two repositories. I followed procedures from here as well as from here also.

Here's the error that I'm getting:
svnsync: E165006: Repository has not been enabled to accept revision propchanges;

I already edited the pre-revprop-change hook and here's what I added:

IF "%3" == "sync_user" (goto :label1) else (echo "Only sync_user can make changes">&2) 
exit 0

I already changed the permission of one of the repos but I still get that error.


pre-revprop-change hook must be named (in case of Windows) pre-revprop-change.bat in order to enable OS to execute it.

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