I would like to create a widget for Qt (not QML) which derives from, for example, QListWidget, and loads the content dynamically when scrolling up/down, as most of Android/iOS applications does.

Does anybody know which is the best approach?


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Loading the content dynamically doesn't mean it's infinite. For that, just implement a model's fetchMore() and canFetchMore() methods.

  • Hi peppe. Thanks for your answer, I will test it in the next week and I will text you again. Have a nice weekend, – Didac Perez Parera Jul 19 '13 at 13:18
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    It works just for end of the list not start of the list (just scroll down not scroll up). What idea do you have about up-ward scrolling? – S.M.Mousavi Jan 6 '17 at 16:02

The fetchMore and canFetchMore is really slick, but it kind of obscures how things work a bit.

A more direct approach you could just use this function inside your sub-classed QListWidget.

void MyQListWidgetClass::scrollContentsBy(int dx, int dy)
    QListWidget::scrollContentsBy(dx, dy);

    bool scrolled_top = false;
    if(this->verticalScrollBar()->value() == this->verticalScrollBar()->minimum())
        scrolled_top = true;

    bool scrolled_bottom = false;
    if(this->verticalScrollBar()->value() == this->verticalScrollBar()->maximum())
        scrolled_bottom = true;

        qDebug() << "FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!";

        qDebug() << "WATER WATER WATER WATER!!!";

Of course if you wanted to add more padding you could subtract some from the min/max values.

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