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I have few MSI files which need to be installed. User can select which one he wants to install/uninstall. For this purpose I have used WiX bootstrapper where I have used WPF UI to list down all the MSI and few buttons to Intstall/Upgrade/Uninstall

Till now I am able to install selected MSI using InstallCondition but could not manage the uninstall. If I uninstall any of the MSI, the Bundle is also getting uninstalled. Hence it is not showing in the Add/Remove Program.

So I would like to know if there is any way to allow uninstall of individual MSI but not the Bundle itself?


I'm guessing your bundle is getting uninstalled because you are using Engine.Plan(LaunchAction.Uninstall). If you use a different action like Install or Modify, it shouldn't be removed.

To control the install state of the individual MSI packages, I think you can set that in a callback to PlanPackageBegin.

  • I was suggesting a way to control the package installation state by changing the package 'InstallContition' value, but I no longer think this is an appropriate practice, so I updated my answer to remove that. – Dave Andersen Oct 9 '13 at 20:04

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