What is a command name for keyboard shortcut in Visual Studio (I use 2012) to collapse/expand all nodes in XML Editor window?

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    If you know the shortcut you can see the matching command in Tools - Options - Environment - Keyboard. Jul 19, 2013 at 12:52

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From Tools->Options->Environment->Keyboard->mapping scheme (Default)

  • Expand all: CTRL + M, CTRL + X
  • Collapse all: CTRL + M, CTRL + A

For selected areas:

  • Expand selection: CTRL + M, CTRL + E
  • Collapse selection: CTRL + M, CTRL + S

Its Edit.ExpandAllOutlining and Edit.CollapseAllOutlining i think.

See Menu Edit->Outlining in Visual Studio. Here´s the reference from MSDN

  • Hide Selection (CTRL + M , CTRL + H) - Collapses a selected block of code that would not normally be available for outlining, for example an if block. To remove the custom region, use Stop Hiding Current (or CTRL + M, CTRL + U). Not available in Visual Basic.
  • Toggle Outlining Expansion Reverses the current hidden or expanded state of the innermost outlining section when the cursor lies in a nested collapsed section.
  • Toggle All Outlining (CTRL + M, CTRL + L) - Sets all regions to the same collapsed or expanded state. If some regions are expanded and some collapsed, then the collapsed regions are expanded.
  • Stop Outlining (CTRL + M, CTRL + P) - Removes all outlining information for the entire document.
  • Stop Hiding Current (CTRL + M, CTRL + U) - Removes the outlining information for the currently selected user-defined region. Not available in Visual Basic.
  • Collapse to Definitions (CTRL + M, CTRL + O) - Collapses the members of all types.
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    Ctrl+M, Ctrl+L is what I was looking for at that time
    – dbardakov
    Mar 2, 2014 at 19:59

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