Is there any "universal" vendor ID that I can use so that ADB can detect my China-made Tablet? I can't find the vendor ID of the manufacturer. When I look into Device Manager in Windows the Vendor is a string and not a number. The device is a Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt tablet.

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Try this tool if you are on a windows machine- lsusb Link

If you are on a linux machine, you can run the lsusb command.

The tool is for windows platform. Run it while your tablet is connected through a USB. It may show your Vendor ID. If it does, you can try manually adding it to [USER_DIRECTORY] / .android / adb_usb.ini.


The vendor ID of the device can not be modified without replacing the software on the device (read a new AOSP installation). To use the Google driver, the Vendor ID of the product needs to be known.

Finding Vendor ID in Windows

  1. Start Device Manager
  2. In the Hardware tree, right-click the hardware entry for the device for which the Vendor ID is to be determined.

Properties for item to be checked

  1. On the Details tab, set the property drop-down to be "Hardware Ids". The Vendor ID is the 4 character hexadecimal number following the letters VID_. In the case below, the Vendor ID is 18D1:

enter image description here

The PID_, which follows, is the Product ID. It also has a 4-digit hexadecimal number.

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