I have an HTML table with combined row td's, or how to say, I don't know how to express myself (I am not so good at English), so I show it! This is my table:

<table border="1">
            <td rowspan="2">1</td>
            <td rowspan="2">2</td>

(you can check it here)

I want to convert this table to a JSON variable by jquery or javascript. How should it look like, and how should I do it? Thank you, if you can help me!

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if you want to convert only text use this one :

var array = [];

$('table').find('thead tr').each(function(){
}).end().find('tbody tr').each(function(){

var json = JSON.stringify(array);

To make a somehow representation of your table made no problem to me, but the problem is how to parse it back to HTML! Here a JSON with the first 6 tags:


OR for better understanding:


Closing tags are included.

For further explanations I need to know whether your table is a string or part of the DOM.


I belive this is what you want:

var jsonTable = {};

// add a new array property named: "columns"
$('table').find('thead tr').each(function() {
    jsonTable.columns = $(this).find('th').text();

// now add a new array property which contains your rows: "rows"
$('table').find('tbody tr').each(function() {
    var row = {};

    // add data by colum names derived from "tbody"

    for(var i = 0; i < jsonTable.columnsl.length; i++) {
        row[ col ] = $(this).find('td').eq( i ).text();

    // push it all to the results..

    jsonTable.rows.push( row );


I think there should be some corrections, but this is it I think.

  • I got this exception: Unable to get property 'push' of undefined or null reference for this part: jsonTable.rows.push(row);
    – victorio
    Commented Jul 22, 2013 at 7:35
  • thanks for helping, but there are some problem: 1: jsonTable.columns = $(this).find('th').text(); this means it will find all the ths, and create a big string with them; 2: jsonTable.columnsl.length; will be the big string's length
    – victorio
    Commented Jul 22, 2013 at 7:55

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