So when a program dies rather ungracefully, modern versions of Windows put up a dialog that reads:

Windows is searching for a solution to the problem

It clocks for a little while, then doesn't find anything. Well, I've never had it tell me it's found a solution.

The question is, what exactly is going on when this dialog is being shown? What are possible things it can show as "solutions"? Is there a way my application can tap into it?

Obviously, if I know enough about what could go wrong, I should handle it in the app, so I'm left wondering what this actually does.

Anyone know?

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Windows Error Reporting is capturing a stack trace of the failed program and sending it off to Microsoft. The data it collects is stuffed into an enormous database for vendors to research; if this is your program, you can sign up here. If the vendor submits a patch, Windows will notify you.

You can tap into it, either by customizing the info, triggering reports for (soon to be) fatal errors, and much more.

  • Thanks! Huge help! – Applekid Jul 22 '13 at 2:58

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