i use flow command :

sencha -sdk D:\dev\ext\ext- generate app -t ext-theme-neptune msg .\

then i check the /.sencha/app/sencha.cfg file, the app.theme still like this app.theme=ext-theme-classic,

and the bootstrap.css still is @import 'ext/packages/ext-theme-classic/build/resources/ext-theme-classic-all.css'.

how could i change the app theme by using sencha cmd?


I haven't tried generating an app which includes specifying a theme. Anyway, you can always change the theme of your app by editing the app.theme=ext-theme-classic to app.theme=ext-theme-neptune found on your project directory .sencha/app/sencha.cfg

then, execute

sencha app refresh

maybe it will help smbd. For ExtJs 5 you only have to
1) change in app.json:

"theme": "ext-theme-crisp-touch"

2) cmd:

sencha app build

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